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International negotiation

Ignoring cultural differences may result in failures:

  • Importation of a management model: The American way of reengineering failed in Europe
  • Total Quality control only succeeded in Japan after being incorporated in quality circles, which corresponds to the local cultutre of consensus
  • Succesful mergers: SONY finally resold Columbia pictures, for cultural incompatibility reasons, loosing 2 billions $
  • DAIMLER is envisaging to resell CHRYSLER loosing billions $
  • Management of subsidiaries: In order to reduce tension, Xerox was forced to accept that the European subsidiary Rank Xerox adopts an organizational structure different from the American model.
  • Other examples:

35-40% of all international assignments end pre-maturely.

More than half of all international joint-ventures fail within two-three years.

The cost of sending an expatriate and family abraod is three times the employee's annual salary.

50-60% of repatriated executives do not remain with the same company after completing an overseas assignment.

Employees suffering from culture shock negatively impact the company's productivity, the bottom line and the reputation of the company.

EMELSY was founded on the competences and international experience of Michel Loubry, who worked more than 25 years for international companies. He worked particularly for Dutch firms as Site Manager and Président of commercial subsidiary in France, as Business Unit Technical Director in The Netherlands, Managing Director of integrated subsidiaries (Purchasing, Production, Sales) in Spain and Italy. Thanks to his knowledge in languages (French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and German) he worked as well as "Country Manager" in those countries.

Your needs :

To manage international teams.

To work as staff Manager in central headquarters (Finance, IT, Marketing, HR, ..) in international companies.

To complete successfully fusions, acquisitions and joint-ventures.

To understand cultural specificities of a foreign national market.

To improve the skills of expatriated employees, and accelerate their own integration and the one of their family in their new country.Adapted missions, as  :

  • Seminars of understanding of our own culture.
  • Awareness sessions, with multiple examples for  managers of different nationalities.
  • Workshops for managers of different nationalities.
  • Audit of existing difficulties, and proposal of solutions.
  • Trainings to cultural differences.
  • Personnalised coaching for Managers of any nationality.

"Cultural relativism affirms that one culture has no absolute critéria for judging the activities of another culture as "low" or "noble". However, every culture can and should apply such judgment to its own activities, because its members are actors as well as observers." Claude Lévi-Strauss.